2021 New Year Message from Master Shi Xing Wu

2021 New Year Message from Master Shi Xing Wu

2021 New Year's Message from Xing Wu Zen Temple Society, Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre Master Shi Xing Wu

Dear Bodhisattvas, Great virtues, disciples and friends, Happy New Year!

Amitabha! I am Shi Xing Wu, 2020 has finally passed, we are full of expectation, full of hope, ushered in a new dawn of the New year. In 2021, Golden bull will be auspicious, The bull will turn things around, at the beginning of the New year, when Vientiane is updated, I would like to send you my best wishes for the New Year!

Looking back on the difficult year of 2020, in the face of sudden challenges, we have to pause, contemplation, refresh ourselves, and think about the future and life again.

In such a difficult year, with the strong support and protection of the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society and the Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre, we have worked hard to move forward, serve the public, and have promoted culture as our responsibility. In January 2020, we successfully cooperated with China Central Television to hold the Kung Fu Spring Festival Gala, which has won unanimous support and praise from people all over the world. In January, as in previous years, we and World United Senior Promotion Association successfully held the "2020 Zen Heart Longevity Banquet", which once again entertained 220 elderly people free of charge, giving warmth and care to the elderly. In July, we actively participated in the network performance and promotion activities of the global large-scale Chinese traditional Culture Festival organized by the Canadian Community Service Association. At the same time, the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society and the Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre also held a Chinese traditional culture study day to learn meditation, health preservation, scripture copying, Buddhist rituals and other activities with Master Shi Xing Wu to actively promote traditional culture and promote Buddhist culture and kung fu culture. In September, Xing Wu Zen Temple Society invited the students and disciples to pick apples in the temple and eat vegetarian meal for free. Ghost Festival held a blessing meeting to offer lanterns to pray for blessings. During the epidemic, a variety of free online health classes were set up to teach the public various courses of health preservation, anti-epidemic and anti-depression.

Looking back on 2020, although full of uncertainties and difficulties, we unite as one, support and tolerate each other, work together, strengthen our faith, live in peace and health and do something meaningful is our greatest victory!

I am here to express my special thanks to the disciples, students and parents of the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society and the Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre of Canada, I also would like to thank people from all walks of life for their trust, love and donation. Thank you!

New year, new journey, new hope. I believe that only when you believe in your heart can go far. I am willing to work with you to keep a firm pace, firm faith, mindfulness, overcome all difficulties, and unswervingly strive for the realization of our dreams.

In the auspicious year of OX, let us be full of confidence and expectation. Here, I would like to extend my most sincere New year wishes and wishes to all Bodhisattvas: good luck, peace and health, peace and joy, harmony and prosperity, wisdom and compassion to all good faith and your relatives and friends. Wish our country prosperity! Wish world peace!

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